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The 新澳门六合彩图库 is Alabama鈥檚 largest higher education enterprise and largest public employer, comprised of , and The , The , and the . The UA System improves the lives of people across Alabama and beyond through the teaching, research and service rendered through our component campuses and health system.

The UA System provides accessible and high-quality education to nearly 70,000 students, leads the nation in cutting-edge research and serves our citizens through outreach and public service programs. Our hospitals and clinics care for millions of patients annually and serve people in every county in Alabama. Impact studies demonstrate that the UA System represents a high-yielding investment for Alabama, with double-digit returns on state appropriations. The return is also significant for our students, who amass substantially higher lifetime earnings through degrees. The UA System educates and graduates more students than any university in the state, unlocking opportunities for countless students and successfully contributing to Alabama鈥檚 workforce pipeline.

鈥淭he 新澳门六合彩图库鈥檚 collective impact is unrivaled by any other entity in the state,鈥 said Interim Chancellor Sid Trant. 鈥淓verything we do is to further the success of the state of Alabama and to better lives for Alabamians and beyond 鈥 not only through the premier educational experiences for which our universities are known, but by providing high-quality health care, conducting groundbreaking research, filling the state鈥檚 workforce needs, and giving back to communities across our state.鈥

Through our institutions鈥 Individually Distinct identities and strengths, we are Altogether Stronger 鈥 a unified and powerful system working toward one transformative mission.

Benchmarks of Excellence

The 新澳门六合彩图库 is Alabama鈥檚 largest higher education enterprise, comprised of three dynamic institutions striving to provide the people of Alabama with regionally and nationally prominent teaching, research, and service programs with a profound impact on our state.

  • UA, UAB, and UAH awarded almost 18,000 academic degrees last year, helping fill a growing jobs pipeline for diverse industries. Many of our graduates came to Alabama from other states and plan to remain here to pursue their careers.
  • We educate more Alabamians than any other university system in the state or nation.
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic reached America鈥檚 shores, our researchers were on the forefront of innovation, enabling the UA System to develop one of the most comprehensive health and safety programs in America 鈥 one that has been adopted by colleges, universities, and corporations from coast to coast.
  • Our institutions consistently rank as Alabama鈥檚 research powerhouse, driving innovation and expanding knowledge in fields ranging from health care and space exploration to cybersecurity and automotive manufacturing.
  • In fiscal 2019, our faculty and student researchers were awarded $760 million in competitive contracts and grants from public and private entities.
  • While the UAB Health System stands as a global biomedical leader, it is best known as a national leader in patient care, research, and training. UAB is the fourth largest academic medical center in the country and the only Level 1 trauma center between Houston and Atlanta.
Our Impact

Mission and Core Principles

  • The 新澳门六合彩图库, an institution of higher education created for learning, exists to improve the lives of everyone we affect through the teaching, research and service rendered by our component campuses and health system.

    • Integrity
    • Leadership
    • Accountability
    • Diversity, Inclusion & Respect
  • We will be the preeminent public system of higher education and health care in the United States.

    1. Assure that everything we do is for the purpose of improving the lives and health of the citizens of the State of Alabama.
    2. Make higher education accessible and diverse, prepare our students for success, and meet the workforce needs of the State.
    3. Be accountable for every dollar we receive while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every program and endeavor.
    4. Work to lead a unified approach to improving education at every level in Alabama.
    5. Work to help lead a unified approach to improving the economy, opportunities, and comprehensive health care for all citizens of Alabama.
    6. Elevate the status, stature and influence of the 新澳门六合彩图库 so that we can call on all people devoted to the University of Alabama, UAB, UAH, and the UAB Health System to unite for common purposes.

    Approved by The Board of Trustees of the 新澳门六合彩图库 on April 12, 2019.



The System is governed by 新澳门六合彩图库 as stipulated by the Alabama Constitution. The Board of Trustees ensures the effective leadership, management, and control of the institutions of the System.